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Because you build your house only once!
Autoclaved Lightweight Porous Concrete Production Company, Kaçanik - Kosovo


Silcapor Unio Commerce in cooperation with the Kosovo business network Kozzer® has enabled a new domain and has enabled website with a new design, so that our clients may get many new opportunities through our website. This website will be our best link with our customers, who now have available a wider range of information that help facilitate the work, saving time and money.



Different publications from Silcapor!


Welcome to the publications page, where you can find collection of all publications made by Silcapor. All these publications are available in PDF format and text


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Information about Silcapor!


List of documents available for download


  • Gratitude from Chamber of Commerce 2008.pdf
  • Gratitude from Fenix-Humanitarian Organisation.pdf
  • Grand Hotel Calendar 2009.pdf
  • Gratitude from Chamber of Commerce 2006.pdf
  • Gold price for quality.pdf
  • Gratitude from Emin Duraku elementary school.pdf
  • Silcapor Calendar 2008.pdf
  • Silcapor Products.pdf
  • 02 Questions and answers.pdf
  • Flyer B.pdf
  • Block Properties 2.pdf
  • Gratitude from Chamber of Commerce 2007.pdf
  • Basic Instructions.pdf
  • Silcapor Calendar 2009.pdf
  • Gratitude.pdf
  • Flyer 2 A.pdf
  • 01 General Catalogue.pdf
  • Diamond price for quality.pdf
  • Pricelist.pdf
  • Flyer 2 B.pdf
  • Cover.pdf
  • Flyer A.pdf
  • Block Properties 1.pdf
  • Gratitude from Marketing and Business Center.pdf
  • Platinium price for continous quality improvements.pdf
  • Gratitude from Ministry of Transport and Telecomunications.pdf
  • Modeld and Dimensions.pdf
  • Silcapor Catalogue.pdf

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