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Health and Safety

SILCAPOR as a construction material makes its application in construction unbeatable because it has fire-resistant properties, is non-combustible, does not transmit flame and does not change its main properties up to 650oC.

SILCAPOR, due to its light volumetric weight and high safety factor, makes the building lighter and more resistant to horizontal seismic vibrations, but also in cases of violent vibrations.

SILCAPOR later loses its load-bearing capacity, which makes it possible to evacuate people from the facilities in time.

During the production process, SILCAPOR applies raw materials of natural inorganic origin.
This material has ecological properties and is physiologically inactive to human health. These properties make Silkapor healthy and comfortable. SILCAPOR is not radioactive, and compared to other construction materials, it has the lowest radioactivity value, which is lower than the allowed values.