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Rules for application in construction

The application of silcapor in construction is easy and convenient by fulfilling some rules described by the manufacturer. Silcapor wall enables high thermal insulation, high resistance to burning, provides optimal sound insulation, easy to work with, processing and giving the desired shape, ecologically healthy.

For the construction of a 180 m² building, with other non-Silcapor bricks, in addition to the bricks, there must be

  • 18.6 m³ sand for plaster,
  • 5.5 m³ lime,
  • 2.4 m³ of cement,
  • 4700 liters of water
  • Then the transport, the deposit of the material, the basic work for the preparation, carrying and application to the wall in the amount of 35 tons, and finally the cleaning of the space must also be calculated.

While for the construction of the same building, but with silcapor material, you only need;

  • 1458 kg of glue (varnish),
  • 350 liters of water
  • And there is no waste and other expenses.