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Dëshmorët e Kombit STR No 55
Matlume, Kaçanik, Kosovo

Block properties

SILCAPOR is a construction material production technology of the cellular concrete group - aerated concrete. Aerated concrete is of inorganic mineral origin, that is, a lightweight construction material, which is produced industrially, with a certain brand of concrete cellular, different volumetric measures, easy and fast manipulation in construction, especially with reinforced plate factories and high thermal insulation.

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Due to the excellent properties of thermal insulation, the amount of fuel for heating the residential environment is minimal compared to other construction materials, therefore as a result we have a reduction in the pollution of nature with CO2.

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Why we recommend it

Ecological material that ensures a healthy and stable environment against various atmospheric influences and has excellent thermal insulation properties, is non-combustible and also resistant to fire.

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