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Why we recommend it

SILCAPOR is a construction material production technology of the cellular concrete group - porous concrete. Aerated concrete is of inorganic mineral origin, industrially produced with a specific brand of cellular concrete. Light construction material, different volumetric mass, easy and fast manipulation in construction, especially high thermal insulation.

The structure of porous concrete is determined by the pores formed in the mass, as an important factor in the impact of physical properties such as:

  • Light weight material,
  • Thermal insulation material,
  • compressive strength,
  • Acoustic insulation properties
  • Ecological properties
  • Fire resistance,
  • Frost resistance,
  • moisture migration,
  • Exact dimensions,
  • Processing, construction and finalization during application.


Energy costs are lower with silcapor material for heating and air conditioning, by 30 to 50%. A pre-calculation of energy costs, where the complete application of silcapor material is
3 lit./m² of oil for combustion or 40 kwh/m² of net housing per year, compared to other materials where the costs are 150 - 250 kwh/m².

Silcapor is:

  • light construction material, four times lighter than classic concrete
  • ecological material which ensures a healthy and stable environment against various atmospheric influences
  • it has excellent heat-insulating properties, is non-combustible and also fire-resistant
  • good acoustic insulation (against noise)
  • material with accurate dimensions, easily processed and even in construction
  • easily combined with other construction materials and flexible in execution according to the designers' requirements